The internet has dramatically revolutionized every field of life. Many people can’t imagine their lives without internet. Its impact on businesses is also remarkable. It has changed the way people search, buy and sell things. People, instead of following physical locations, go for finding services through search engines making online presence of businesses essential.

FreePHS fulfills this need of transport companies. It enables them to present their business online through a complete online and powerful booking system called ‘FreePHS’. The system even doesn’t require any credit card to register and try it 100% for free. Below are the reasons why you should try cloud based private hire booking system.

  1. Cloud Based Booking System

The cloud technology is the recent revolutionary development in technology world. Companies are shifting towards it due its awesomeness. FreePHS has taken a step forward and installed its system on cloud hosting. The cloud based booking system rarely faces outages. People can reach to your business without any interruption. Non cloud system also requires hardware and staff to manage it. By using cloud based booking system you can curtail the IT and system costs.

  1. Accessible from Anywhere

This online cloud based booking system can be accessed from anywhere. You just have to log into the system and your business and customers are in front of you.

  1. Shop window to customers available 24×7

FreePHS keeps shop window to customers available 24×7. This is the feature which customers ask. This also meets the requirements of every customer. Instant online quote, book and pay feature ads much more facility to customer which 98% of private hire companies don’t provide.

  1. Instant Communication with Customers and Drivers

Communication plays pivotal role in every successful business while instant communication can work wonders. FreePHS enables business owners to communicate instantly with drivers and customers. The system has built in feature for this purpose. The additional features include automated replies to instant bookings, quotes, driver job sheets, payment confirmation and reminders and many other per-embedded templates.

  1. Relocation easiness

The flexible online cloud system allows easy relocation. The system includes import and export data options. During using the system, you can easily import your data into system. If you have decided to leave FreePHS, You can export your personal, business and booking data form system.

This is your chance! Jump in now and enjoy 100% free private hire booking system for your business today! No credit card or payment details required!

For managing your business its a whole new world!