FreePHS is a modern and extensively developed system for small companies who could use the system for FREE with with a small monthly fee to have access to extended features. FreePHS is ideal for Small and Medium Size Businesses (SMEs) who could not afford conventional booking software prices which are usually from £100K+ to £10K, however still require more or less the same features given by the booking systems. These SMEs can use all the features with a small monthly retainer – or even with a free version as we provide in FreePHS free package. However, there are large companies who have enough resources and additional requirements to run their business. Therefore, we at FreePHS also offer 100% white label and bespoke software packages for corporates where most of the system features are tailored to the business requirements along with continuous system upgrades and updates.

FreePHS Features Development

The software features in FreePHS are commissioned by the design team after getting requests from different users. For example, if email auto complete feature requested by a client and the same features is requested by more than 10 FreePHS users, then we plan the feature development and release as we clear our development queue, however with bespoke package, you could request any change in the system and we will install a dedicate software branch for your company with 100% modification or adjustment to the features.


We have quite large development team and we clear our development logs pretty quickly, with a 100% white label software installation (cloud based) – it will take only 1 week to deliver your product, you can customer the software urls to


There is a base installation where all the basic features of the system are included and further customisation are agreed and discussed with the clients and completion and cost estimated are shared after reviewing the customisation requirement.


There is a basic life time license cost plus any customisation if required along with annual hosting fee.

For corporate equiries please contact us at for further details on white label solutions.

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