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Covers from basic to complex queries about FreePHS – Free Booking System.

What is FreePHS?

FreePHS is a cloud based Free Private Hire Booking System. The system developed by technology and transportation experts for freelancers or small and medium size businesses who find it hard to afford management systems.

What are main FreePHS features?

FreePHS has hundreds of features from instant quote engine embedded onto your website to contract, quotes and booking management sections. A powerful scheduling and accounts section with efficient communication manager with customers and drivers. Main features are explained here. Please sign up to try it yourself.

How much does it cost?

its 100% free and transparent, no credit card or payment details asked.

Are there any system down time?

We ensure 99.9% uptime and work round the clock to ensure system is robust, up and running.

Are their any system updates?

Yes, we do daily updates. New features are constantly added and deployed instantly.

What about the users data security and backups?

The users or companies who are using FreePHS, their data is 100% protected, secured and hourly backups are taken to ensure that the services is consistent and not interrupted.

Is the booking data shared with any other companies using FreePHS?

No. We strictly protect each company’s data and it will never be shared for any business activities.

Bookings, Vehicles, Drivers and any other data used somewhere else?

No. All data belongs to their respective users and external access is strictly denied.

Data export feature?

Yes, if you decided to move your booking data to another system, all data could be exported into cvs and re-imported.

Data import feature?

Yes, if you want to import data into FreePHS, we can help, please contact us at

How is the data protection ensured?

We have internal data protection measure and also we work closely with ICO. Information Commissioner Office to keep companies commercial data private and protected.

Can I suggest new features?

Yes, we are conscientiously adding new features and new features which gets more votes are prioritised. You can also email new features requests to

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