FreePHS – Selected Features

Lots of Features
Over 98% of the private hire companies across the world doesn’t have the facility to provide instant online quote, book and pay feature to their customers. FreePHS is the opposite.
Website Widgets
If you love your existing website, nothing to worry! FreePHS widgets could be easily added to existing websites, we can also help with redesign of your brand on the internet.
Quotes Management
You will be able to see correspondence between the client and yourself or your colleagues, plus check how the system has calculated the job.
Regular Hire Management
You can simply add your contract and indicate the active dates on a calendar and bookings are added into the system for selected days, ideal tool for repeatitive jobs.
Constant System Updates
FreePHS is constantly developed as new features are added by our full time and dedicated development team; all new features are instantly available to FreePHS without any hidden fees or charges!
Customer Support
Award winning customer team, all your enquiries via email are responded within 30 minutes. Extensive material are also available for training and learning purposes on FreePHS.
Drivers Management
FreePHS enables you to record/add all your drivers to the system. The drivers could be allocated to one or multiple bookings, you may allow your driver to access their jobs on system.
Online Payment
The FreePHS widgets will enable you to collect payments online and instantly from your clients or over the phone from within the FreePHS system, seamless connectivity with your payment solutions.
Driver and Vehicle Allocations can be made within an order or in Diary Page showing all the bookings of the day, the times of each booking, collection and destination points and number of passenger seats required for each booking.
Email Communications
FreePHS comes with strong email communication techniques, from automated system responses on transaction to manual communication with customers, drivers, staff or suppliers from the booking system.
Business Reports
Simple and easy reporting tools enable you to monitor your activities on a many levels. FreePHS will enable you to have up to the minute information on a whole range aspects of your business activities, in an easily viewable format to help you manage your business more effectively.
Export or Import Data
If you decided to join FreePHS, the import tool will import your existing data. Also if you decided to leave FreePHS, you can export all your business, personal or booking data. You also have the ability to erase all your data on FreePHS.
Bookings Management
All bookings or orders could easily be management in the system, with in-depth information provided on closing orders or processing bookings with ability to leave notes for staff or customers and store all relevant information in the booking.
Staff Management
It is key all users have their own log on the system for audit trails on communication, pricing history, allocations etc. This enables you to ensure that each individual is accountable for their activities or actions within the package. It also gives you a greater ability to understand and monitor staff members within the business.

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